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200 lumens runtime weather resistant
FLEXiT 2.0 Flexible Flashlight

Flexible Flashlight for All Situations

The FLEXiT Light is a hands-free, flexible LED flashlight. It's ultra-thin, flexible body allows an unlimited amount of light projections. Create a focused spot light, a broad flood light, or a lantern with 360 degrees of light output. The durable Shape-Loc frame will hold the desired shape and make it easy for users to bend, fold, wrap, stick or hook the FLEXiT around objects to position and aim the light hands-free.

Powerful Lighting with Endless Flexibility

The FLEXiT has 16 Lumen Tech premium LEDs and features 4 light modes (low, med, high, and hazard). The durable base has two large neodymium magnets so users can stick the FLEXiT to any steel surface, as well as an integrated hang loop giving the user even more options for hands-free use.

FLEXiT 2.0 lays back
FLEXiT 2.0 is magnetic
flexit 2.0 great for work bench lighting
flexit 2.0 wraps too


Fully flexible body 3D

200 lumens

Non-marring rubber magnetic base

Shape-Loc frame

4 light modes

Weather resistant

What's Included

The Striker FLEXiT 2.0 Flexible Flashlight
FLEXiT 2.0
AA batteries included

FLEXiT Series

Striker FLEXiT Auto - Flexible Flashlight
Striker FLEXiT 4.0 - Flexible Flashlight
FLEXiT 4.0
FLEXiT Solar Flexible Flashlight
FLEXiT Solar


    • Model# 00112
    • Fully flexible body 3D
    • 200 lumens
    • 16 Lumen-Tech LEDs
    • 2 Neodymium magnets
    • Durable A.B.S. body with rubber base
    • Shape-Loc frame
    • 4 mode electronic switch
    • Runtime: 70 hours on low setting
    • 3 AA batteries (included)
    • Size: 11.5 in. height x 5.75 in. width
    • Weather resistant
    • 1 year warranty