Tough Skin

Striker Tough Skin

Prevent Blisters and Calluses

At Striker we work hard and play harder and Tough Skin is there to improve performance. If you're into mountain biking, lifting weights, rowing, wake boarding or any other activity where blisters can slow you down, Tough Skin adds the protection you need.


Provides a strong protective layer of armor covering the entire palm and in between the thumb and forefinger

Reduce Vibration

Absorbs the vibration from hand tools, power tools, lawn and sporting equipment


Protection against blisters and calluses

Wear without gloves or inside gloves for maximum comfort


Won't smell overtime unlike gloves

What's Included

Striker Tough Skin pair included in packaging
Tough Skin Pair


    • Small/Medium Model# 00112
    • Large Model# 00113
    • X-Large Model# 00114
    • Neoprene construction
    • Silicone grip