3 Pack Pencil Combo

This combo pack special is 3 individually packaged Striker Combo Packs. It includes a total of 3 Striker Pencils and 9 Dura Lead refills.

The Striker pencil is a revolutionary mechanical carpenters’ pencil that is quickly replacing the traditional carpenters’ pencil on the job site. There has been almost no innovation to the traditional carpenters pencil since the 17th century, despite the fact that carpenters’ pencils are used by nearly all trades in the construction industry, including DIY, on a daily basis. If all your other tools evolved as slowly as your primary marking devise, you would all be pounding in nails with a rock. No more sharpeners, utility knives or broken pencils.
The Striker pencil allows carpenters to make crisp, sharp lines right out of the packaging. When more lead is needed, simply press the cap of the pencil to advance the lead. Striker knows that professionals on the job site demand that their tools be designed and built extremely tough and rugged. The Striker Pencil is just that. The body of the pencil is Thick-Bodied, High-Impact ABS. The Striker pencil is designed with as few parts as necessary in order to eliminate jamming due to saw dust, dirt and grime.
The Striker pencil is loaded with DURA LEAD®. Dura Lead is 18% thicker than traditional lead and lasts 2-3x longer. It has a series of patented grooves which create a positive lock with the jaws of the Striker pencil. This ensures that the lead will not slip into the pencil. Additionally, Dura Lead is a resilient mixture of clay and graphite, not harmful lead.